About Us

About Lauren

As the child of two interior designers I have grown up surrounded by design of all forms. I have always had a creative side, especially when it comes to painting, but once college came around I decided to pursue my second love of science instead. It wasn't until I helped plan a friend's wedding that I realized how deep my passion for event planning ran. From then on I decided to pursue this passion of mine, using my background in science to approach tasks in a logical way while also using my creativity to create beautiful events that will be remembered for a lifetime.

What does "Certified" Mean?

I am a certified wedding and event planner through LWPI's extensive CWEP course. This means that I have gone through rigorous testing, including planning events, weekly quizzes and readings, as well as exams and an intensive final examination. This certification means that I am fully qualified to help you plan your event and that you can trust that your money, and your dream day, will be in great hands.