• Lauren Rivington

Where (and how) to get free samples

The best thing about life? Free samples. Hands down. Whether you're at Costco trying the various food samples, getting small samples from a makeup store, or even ordering a free sample of something you don't really need or want -- there's just something that makes the words "free samples" so exciting.

What's even better than free food samples? Free wedding samples! Not only can getting free samples make you feel so much better about ordering online without actually seeing the final product first, but they can make wedding planning so much more fun and tangible! Below is a list of some of my favorite places to find free samples as well as how to get them!

Free Invitation Samples

1. Shutterfly

Details: Shutterfly has two great options to get free stationery samples, both of which are definitely worth ordering! The first is a generic wedding invitation sample pack, which includes a few different designs on different types of paper, as well as some invitations with and without foil and different shapes that you can order your invitations in! Shutterfly's second option is more customizable, with the option to personalize five wedding invitations with all of your details and order a sample! However, this one comes with limits as invitations that include foil and glitter will not be free.

How to get it: Easy! Go to this link and choose which option you'd like (or both!) then checkout and voila! Your samples are on the way! You will also get a 40% off coupon if you order the generic wedding sample kit so even if you decide you want to sample the customized versions, it's definitely worth ordering anyway!

2. Zola

Details: Zola, aside from being a great wedding website option, has great invitations and save the dates that match your wedding website theme, giving you an all around cohesive look to your wedding! Zola has a great "Invites + Paper Sample Pack" which will include some invitations, RSVP cards, save the dates, and envelopes in different styles with different paper options so that you can see (and feel) some great options! Zola also lets you choose an invitation or save the date and order a free customized sample!

How to get it: Go to this link and add your sample pack to your cart and then browse invitations and save the dates here, choose your favorite, customize it and add it to your cart, then use the code FREEPROOF at checkout for your free sample!

3. Minted

Details: Minted has so many great sample options that it's kind of insane. You can order a generic free sample pack which includes paper and color options, invitation samples, and even an entire kit (belly band, details, invitation, RSVP card) for you to see! Minted also lets you choose $10 worth of invitation or save the date samples that you get for free! Generally samples are $1 each, so you can get about 10, but note that options that include foil or glitter are usually $2 each and you might end up only getting 5 free if you take that option. Finally, Minted lets you choose from three pre-selected save the date samples to completely customize and get a free sample of! You can choose all of the three options mentioned above or just one, but if you want to order more free samples of your choosing the code works more than once as long as you place different orders (but you didn't hear it from me!)

How to get it: Go to this link to request your free generic sample pack, this link to get your free customized save the date card, and this link to browse invitations or this link to browse save the dates, once you find some you like add 10-ish invitation samples (keeping in mind what I said above about foil and glitter) and then use the code 10FREE at checkout!

4. The Knot

Details: The Knot, like Zola, lets you choose from invitations that you may like as well as invitations and stationery that match your wedding website if you chose to create one on The Knot. You can choose up to three invitations or save the date cards and get samples of them for free!

How to get it: Choose your three samples and then enter the code 3FREE at checkout to receive your free samples! Click this link for more information!

Bridesmaid Dress Fabric Samples

Birdy Grey

Details: Birdy Grey offers some extremely pretty bridesmaids dresses and the awesome ability to create a "bridal showroom" where you can pre-select dresses for your bridesmaids to choose from or set restrictions like color and material. But if you're worried about the color of the dresses matching your flowers or other aspects of your wedding, it's definitely worth it to take advantage of Birdy Grey's three free swatches, which include all colors in different fabric options for you to see in person!

How to get it: Go to this link and add three of your favorite swatches to your cart! Once you are at checkout use the discount code SWATCHTRIO to get your free samples! Note that you will have to pay shipping on these swatches though, which is usually about $3, so they will not be totally free.

Kennedy Blue

Details: Choose a swatch that you love, add it to your cart, enter the code and you've got your free sample! Being limited to only one is rough, so choose your sample wisely!

How to get it: Go to this link to browse swatch options and choose your favorite, add it to your cart, then enter SWATCHFREE at checkout!


Details: Revelry has some amazing bridesmaid dresses that come in a variety of fabrics from sequin to beaded to chiffon! The incredible thing about Revelry's samples is that you get an entire page of samples rather than just one or two, yay more free things! They group the swatch pages based on colors, so there will be options for pinks/reds/oranges/blushes on one page and blues/greens/silvers on another, for example.

How to get it: Go to this link to look at the sample options, select your choice, add it to your cart, then enter the code COLORHAPPY to get your swatch page for free!

Dear Cleo

Details: Dear Cleo is a great site that uses recycled yarns to create gorgeous bridesmaid dresses! Once you browse their options, they offer your first swatch for free, any additional swatches are $2!

How to get it: Go to this link and browse the dresses, then choose a color and click "order swatch"! The promo code will automatically apply to your cart and you will get the first sample free! Any additional swatches will be $2, and all will have free shipping!

I hope you enjoy all of these free samples and that this short list helped! Happy sampling!